26th congress EASTLOG, 25.‒26. 5. 2023


News from the preparations of the congress

First SEELOG excursion announced

Published August 17, 2021

After a one-year break, when due to the pandemic it was not possible to visit warehouses in the framework of the SEELOG section, this popular element returns to the EASTLOG 2021 congress program. And the organizers of the congress have managed to arrange a truly attractive destination: the new distribution center of the Lidl retail chain near Buštěhrad. You can find more about this excursion, including the possibility of participation, here.

Large part of the conference program publicized

Published August 16, 2021

The 24th edition of the congress will take place on September 23 and 24, 2021, in the modern O2 universum congress center in Prague. The organizers have just unveiled a substantial part of the conference program, including the names of the first 38 confirmed speakers. Details can be found in the story on the website of our main media partner, the magazine Systémy Logistiky (in Czech), or on this website in the Program section.

Five challenges to be discussed in the conference program

Published June 1, 2021

Challenge no. 1:
Make logistics more sustainable

Challenge no. 2:
Survive the economic storm

Challenge no. 3:
Digitalize and roboticize

Challenge no. 4:
Accept new trends in industry

Challenge no. 5:
Manage the e-commerce boom

EASTLOG 24 looks to the future with its main topic

Published January 31, 2021

The main topic of the 24th edition of EASTLOG, which will take place on September 23–24, 2021, will be New Day, New Challenges. The congress program will look at the new challenges that will affect the Czech and global logistics market after the coronavirus pandemic recedes into history. The logistics market in general managed the pandemic very well, but how prepared is it for the new challenges that await it? Dozens of speakers and hundreds of attendees will discuss the future of logistics at EASTLOG

Date set for the 24th edition of Eastlog

Published January 15, 2021

Following its successful 23rd edition, which was held in September 2020 and attended by over 300 logistics professionals despite the pandemic, the congress organizers ATOZ Group have set the date for the 24th edition. The Czech logistics market will gather on September 23–24, 2021, again at the modern multifunctional congress hall O2 Universum.


Published October 2, 2020

You can now find information about the 23rd EASTLOG congress on the congress website in the section ABOUT THE EVENT / HISTORY. Here you will find a report from the event, selected photos, the congress program, a press release, available presentations for congress participants and an overview of congress partners.

You can find the overview here.

SEELOG cancelled this year

Published September 1, 2020

The popular SEELOG program, within which we annually present logistics in practice by visiting logistics centers, has unfortunately been cancelled this year due to a pandemic and accompanying government regulations. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to visiting the centers next year!

Decide who will receive the LOG-IN 2020 AWARD

Published August 17, 2020

20 innovative projects in three categories have been nominated for the LOG-IN 2020 Logistics Innovation Award. Now you can help decide their fate. Vote for the best innovations of 2020 by the deadline of August 31 at


Published July 30, 2020

In today’s world of constant change caused by rapid technological progress and unforeseen circumstances, such as the covid-19 pandemic, it is essential that a person be flexible and able to adapt quickly and smoothly to changing market conditions. Jim Whitehead, Central European Distribution Director at Tesco Stores, will talk about how to actively develop its distribution network and business plan. This is so that they are adaptable to changes in business and the market and that they are able to face global problems and challenges related to environmental protection. It will also discuss the steps Tesco has taken to address one of today’s most important retail retail challenges: food waste.

You will find out how to adapt to changing market conditions at the EASTLOG logistics congress in the afternoon RETAILOG section.

ALZA.CZ: How to effectively recruit employees for warehouses and transport?

Published June 17, 2020

What really works when recruiting employees for warehouses (not only) in e-shops and transport? And what is currently not worth spending money on when recruiting? How is the effective recruitment of one of the e-shop giants on the Czech market,, which has recently recruited a large number of people for AlzaExpress and logistics warehouses? You will find out all at the EASTLOG logistics congress in the afternoon workshop E-SHOPLOG. The presentation will be by Hana Slepičková, HR business partner for logistics of the e-shop.


Published May 24, 2020

Many operations slowed down, while for others the pandemic was an opportunity for further development. The panel discussion will focus on aspects of logistics deceleration and outline the paths to the fastest possible growth rate. Practical advice on how to take logistics at full speed while being prepared for other possible threats. More in the panel discussion at the EASTLOG congress!


Published April 20, 2020

The “virus economy” in logistics practice. Logistics in crisis? What about the economy of companies? And what comes next? The panel discussion will focus on the economic consequences that the Czech economy is facing. How to use effective crisis management even after the coronavirus crisis? And what does deglobalization mean for the Czech economy and companies in this context? Where is the Czech economy heading, what else awaits us and what should really be addressed in companies?


Published March 22, 2020

The whole world, including logistics, is slowing down due to the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, the main topic of this year’s EASTLOG congress has been changed to DECELERATION!

Deceleration. While until recently the ever-growing economy put pressure on the speed of individual logistics operations, which went hand in hand with technological progress, the covid-19 pandemic slowed in many cases what was possible, including manufacturing, logistics and, of course, the economy. What is the best way to accelerate again? What needs to be done to ensure that logistics and the economy go full throttle again? And how to prepare in time for other potential threats? What can come? And what to see opportunities in? These and other issues will be addressed by dozens of speakers and more than 400 participants at the premier logistics event in the Czech Republic.


Published February 24, 2020

Sean A. Culey, business transformation expert, is dedicated to advising leaders in developing and delivering new customer-centric business models. He holds Honors in Business Information Systems, a guest member of the Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transport (FCILT) and a UK certified SCOR Master Instructor.


A presentation based on the book “Transition Point” will show how a new wave of revolutionary technologies fundamentally changes aspects of the supply chain. We look into the near future, where the upcoming, parallel “inconvenience” accompanied by automation will lead to a value chain that is fully automated, personalized and local.

This year's congress with popular workshops, including two new ones

Published January 27, 2020

Apart from the morning TRENDLOG joint section devoted to trends in logistics and supply chain management, the 23rd EASTLOG congress will offer 4 specialized workshops.

AUTOLOG – Automotive is a large customer of the entire logistics sector. What’s her specialty? What are its requirements? What can we offer him?

E-SHOPLOG – Afternoon workshop devoted to the most important aspects of the logistics of e-commerce shops, especially internal warehouse operations, distribution and information technologies.

ITLOG – Workshop focused on the use of IT in logistics. Advances in RFID usage. Information logistics. News in voice picking. Practical use of data. Robots in logistics.

RETAILOG – Workshop prepared in cooperation with the Confederation of Commerce and Tourism focused on logistics for retail and FMCG.

the topic of this year's EASTLOG congress: ACCELERATION

Published December 19, 2019

Acceleration. Customers are demanding it, the ever-growing economy is fueling it, and technological advances are enabling it. But what about logistics processes? Are they able to handle the never-ending demand for faster services and cheaper prices? And what about us and our co-workers? Are we as humans able to keep up the tempo and deliver the expectations of our customers and the consumers? Or are we in a race whose pace we cannot maintain and which will lead to self-destruction? Those questions and more will be tackled by the dozens of speakers and more than 400 attendees of the 23rd edition of the premier logistics congress in the Czech Republic.


Published November 28, 2019

The 23rd EASTLOG Congress will take place in the new O2 UNIVERSUM conference center. Offering state-of-the-art amenities and facilities, this modern, multifunctional complex is located in the northeastern part of the city center, right next to the O2 Arena and on the yellow metro line B. The official opening took place in autumn 2019.