23rd EASTLOG Congress, May, 28 – 29, 2020


Logistické trendy
Day 1
15. 5. 2019
Day 2
16. 5. 2019

Opening words

Jeffrey Osterroth, ATOZ Group
Iva Werbynská, ATOZ Group

Networking, speed, technology, matchmaking

Fresh fish is one of the most difficult products in logistics. Acquiring, creating and respecting a refrigeration chain and the related technologies. HOPI FISH HUB now processes the biggest range of seafood in Europe using an excellent and complex network.
Pierre-Manuel Boels, HOPI CEE FISH HUB

Introductory Presentation – Exponential Technology & Man

How to find out which technology will take hold and which will not? Will it be augmented reality or Bitcoin? And is Bitcoin still relevant, or is it dead? How Pokémon changed the perception of the future of Apple and Google. Will we live in a virtual reality that will be controlled by artificial intelligence? What exactly does exponential technology mean and why is it important to realize that we (humans) can think linearly but not exponentially? And how to prepare for the future, where the machines will stand by our side? Petr will try to bring what human exponential technologies are, including examples (Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence), in how far these technologies are now in different areas (medicine, construction, automotive, finance) and, above all, how to prepare for the future in which the machines collect our work, but at the same time create jobs that we cannot imagine. VIDEO-INVITATION TO THE PRESENTATION
Petr Mára, Technology Evangelist

Transformation of warehouses or How to look for a warehouse to meet the challenges of the coming years – PANEL DISCUSSION

Over the past ten years, warehouses have undergone incredible developments. In the first part of the discussion, we will think about the nature of this change, how it was adopted by employees, how the number of warehouses in the landscape changed public opinion and what form the most advanced warehouses of the present day got? We will also ask how the warehouses will look like in the next decade. In the second part of the discussion we will move on to the present. With the rapid development of trading and logistics, the dependence of companies on modern warehouses is linked, but there is a lack of space on the market. The dilemma of greenfield versus brownfield is also often addressed. So we will focus on the question of how to look for an "ideal" warehouse, which in the coming years can face a similar dramatic and rapid change as we have seen in the last decade. Moderated by Stanislav Břeň
Dušan Kastl, Contera
Petr Zaoral, Prochazka & Partners
Martin Baláž, Prologis
Tomáš Míček, P3 Logistic Parks
Pavel Sovička, Panattoni
Martin Šumera, 108 Agency
Miroslav Kotek, Colliers
11:15 - 11:45

Morning coffee break

Logistics in the macroeconomic context

This presentation will be devoted to the current macroeconomic situation and will offer a forecast for this year and next year. It will provide the answer to the question of whether we should be afraid of an economic slump in the near future and what impact this would have on the logistics sector. It will also discuss the basic trends in consumption and revenue, overlapping into the logistics sector, and also links to prices of assets.
Martin Slaný, Economist

Economic visions and perspectives on the future development of logistics in the CR – panel discussion

What are the possibilities of investing in new logistics solutions vs. the internal economic situation of a company? What will be the development of the industry relative to the economic situation? What are the economic impacts of Brexit on logistics? How to economically operate logistics centers, economical solutions and new technologies? How is the demographic situation and the availability of employees in Europe evolving? And what influences economic development?

  Moderated by Jan Pokorný, news director of Czech Radio
Oto Hausmann, LOGIO
Oldřich Petránek, Inlogistics
Martin Slaný, Economist
Martin Piškanin, HOPI
Miroslava Jechoux, Logistics Managers Club
Ferdinand Hlobil, Cushman & Wakefield
13:00 - 14:30


Spend 10 minutes to make new business! Take part in organized meetings between congress partners and participants that will take place during the lunch break.
13:00 - 14:30


Effective supply chain management

How to be a really efficient supplier of the automotive sector?

Tomáš Hladík, LOGIO
14:30 - 17:30


A section focused on logistics in the automotive sector. Moderated by Tomáš Hladík, Head of Consulting, LOGIO.

Experiences from implementing automation in the automotive industry

The word automation has been like a magnet for the last five years. It attracts both logistics professionals and manufacturing managers who face the challenge of optimizing congested operations. Especially in the automotive industry, automated logistics processes are ripe for applications. And it is not only this field that uses the rhythm of production, seeks significant savings and responds to the borderline shortage of workers. At the same time, with the high demand for automated handling and storage, the typical question marks of each new implementation are also clearly visible. When is it appropriate to consider automation, what form of automation to choose and what is the process and phasing in of the preparations?

Aleš Hušek, Toyota Material Handling CZ

Alternative transport options

Electromobility and alternative transport options such as carsharing are becoming increasingly debated topics. We would like to introduce these possibilities together with Louda Auto a.s. and Car4way.
Martin Horský, Car4way
15:45 - 16:15

Afternoon coffee break

Artificial intelligence algorithms and their use not only in production

We will learn exactly what artificial intelligence is and where it can help us. We look at methods that help us predict results based on historical data. We will show algorithms that give machines the ability to respond to new situations and adaptively seek solutions to problems. In conclusion, we will deal with a few specific cases of deploying artificial intelligence in manufacturing, logistics and sales.
Pavel Kordík, Czech Technical University

10 ways to change the world

Self-controlled power supplies that replace a flashlight without human operation and deliver goods anywhere, anytime - this is the new trend that billions of the world's largest visionaries are already betting on. What are the biggest automotive inventions and innovations that you can already benefit from and use effectively for your business in the near future.
Radek Janků, BattSwap
14:30 - 17:30


Workshop dedicated to the use of information technologies in logistics. Moderated by Michal Zálešák, managing director, Czech ICT Alliance.

Cyber ​​security – obvious and hidden connections, especially in logistics

The world is infused with information and communication technologies that have a significant impact on the lives of individuals, the functioning of companies, institutions, states, unions and the world. Relying on information technology in almost every area carries significant risks. The connected world multiplies these risks. The only way to reduce them is through quality security of cyber and information security. So what are the obvious and hidden connections between cyber and information security in relation to logistics?

Aleš Špidla, Czech Institute of Information Security Managers

GS1 standards – current trends in logistics

Standardization is a process of unification using generally accepted standards to achieve compatibility, clarity and repeatability.
Michal Bílý, GS1

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics

Logistics Process Management with Augmented Intelligence and Advanced Intelligence Processes Part of the transformation processes of logistics management are also artificial intelligence technologies. The combination of machine intelligence as a tool and human cognitive capabilities leads to more agile, dynamic and powerful logistics processes. The case study will present three examples of intelligent supply chain management in warehouse management (WMS), in-house supply (Milk Run 4.0), and material flow optimization.   VIDEO-INVITATION TO THE PRESENTATION
Peter Bílik, ANASOFT
15:45 - 16:15

Afternoon coffee break

Work effectively with documents in the cloud

Even the best enterprise systems aren't ready to handle advanced document management. Therefore, many companies decide to acquire a DMS system (document management system) with increasing demands on corporate processes. There are many available on the market, and more and more companies are moving their document management processes to the cloud. How can such a system streamline work with documents in your company? We will show the processing of the document using cloud tools in practice.
Kateřina Tillingerová, Navisys
Jan Bárta, Navisys

Digitalization in production and logistics – PANEL DISCUSSION

The boundaries between production and logistics are blurred. How to plan and thereby increase production performance? And how to optimize logistics towards higher values?
Petr Kuchyňa, Kiekert
Petr Závodný, Dr. Max Pharma
Roman Žák, Aimtec

Effective management of intralogistics through the cloud

With an intuitive web application, you can spread your work over time. With it, you often remove unpleasant calls, emails, assess the reliability of carriers and you will be under shifts in warehouses. However, Time Slot Control does much more because it is not afraid to integrate with other systems and add-on modules, but rather complements its complexity, becoming a powerful logistics tool. We will discuss the specific case with a representative of our customer, Jiří Ullmann from Bohemia Cargo.
Vladimír Kocourek, Lotraco
14:30 - 17:30


A workshop dedicated to logistical support for production. Moderated by Filip Plevač, digitalization expert.

Trends and real applications of Industry 4.0

In order for the value of your company to rise, it undergoes gradual transformations. Recently, this is a strictly metamorphic logistical world that affects other parts of the business. We will show you the state-of-the-art procedures and possibilities in digitizing corporate logistics processes, their benefits and risks associated with implementation.
Filip Plevač

Energy management for handling equipment in warehouses

Modern technologies offer newer and newer opportunities to save fuel and energy costs when operating a handling equipment. The presentation will provide important information on how to choose a drive for handling equipment, a comparison of different types of drive and specific examples from practice. The audience will learn how to optimize the cost of electricity consumption. Alternative drives – CNG and fuel cells and their deployment in practice – will also be an interesting topic. Energy security and the diversification of high-cost risks in fuel price fluctuations in the market will also be addressed. VIDEO INVITATION
Josef Bartoníček, Linde Material Handling
Martin Řehák, Linde Material Handling
15:45 - 16:15

Afternoon coffee break

Solutions for security, process optimization and cost savings in logistics

The presentation is focused on presenting the latest trends in video analysis and its use in the optimization of logistics processes. The solution enables clients to simplify the management of the overall process in order to effectively reduce operating costs.
Jan Bajnar, Dallmeier

Modern trends in manufacturing industry logistics

Analysis of current trends including automation and digitization.
Petr Jirsák, University of Economics

Current trends in Sales & Operations Planning

Accurate S&OP is the foundation for managing any organization. Find out more about the methods and tools needed to effectively set up your S&OP process in your company. Learn more about the benefits of collaborating, coordinating and integrating information from and to your business - suppliers, customers, logistics partners. Understand analytical best practice for a functional S&OP process. S&OP finds its place in every organization. Small and large, manufacturing or providing services, custom manufacturing and warehouse production.
Rob Van Stratum, Supply Chain Education CZ
14:30 - 17:30


Seminar especially for HR managers of logistics companies. Moderated by Jindřich Hodek, sales director, INDEX NOSLUŠ.

Behavior Myths and Illusions

What competences and behaviors an individual should develop in today's fast and agile times. Selected cognitive unconscious abbreviations that affect our estimates, approach to risks, and impact on the feasibility of our plans.
Josef Hajkr, Shine Consulting

The hell of changes II.

What competences and behaviors an individual should develop in today's fast and agile times.

Josef Hajkr, Shine Consulting

The hell of changes III.

Strategic Approach, Agility and Flexibility - The topic addresses a situation where we have to make many changes. However, it is not possible to plan everything. An example of how to create clear intentions will be presented.

Josef Hajkr, Shine Consulting
15:45 - 16:15

Afternoon coffee break

Labor shortage? Hire people with a criminal past!

Can convicts and former prisoners be a workforce that will fill vacancies? RUBIKON Center supports people with a history of punishment. It helps them to get a job, integrate them back into the workforce, and advise them on how to succeed in the labor market.

Lucie Streichsbierová, RUBIKON Centrum

Technological trends in employee education

News and trends in education today are mainly about technology and its usability. You will learn not only how microtraining works and how effective it can be in managing large sales networks, but also how we use virtual reality in training and how to address the motivation of ordinary employees.

Kateřina Petránková, IPSOS
17:30 - 23:00


An informal networking evening is the ideal place to strengthen existing and establish new business contacts. The evening includes a buffet, live music, a bar with cocktails, wine tasting, games and competitions. And all this time in the aquapark in HAWAIIAN STYLE!  


The aim of this program part is to introduce "logistics in practice" and to provide information about interesting projects directly from managers of important logistics centers in the Czech Republic. It is a unique opportunity to get to know the latest operating systems and trends in storage, supply chain management and on-site distribution. Our two visits this year will be to the HOPI CEE FISH HUB in Jažlovice and the GLOBUS logistics center in Jirny. What can you look forward to at the HOPI CEE FISH HUB?
  • a robotic workstation in a central yogurt-mixing warehouse tailored to each customer
  • a master control center office in which real-time control of the order is controlled by the company
  • the largest frozen-goods warehouse in the Czech Republic
  • HOPI RoadTrain, which is four temperature modes, with a length of 25.25 meters and a maximum load weight of 21 tons
  • hi-tech innovation eDriver
  • HOPI FISH HUB, featuring live marine crustacean logistics, an automatic fish-processing line and other value-added services
What is attractive about the GLOBUS logistics center?
  • The GLOBUS logistics center is an area with a total storage area of ​​about 60,000 m2 and about 250 employees
  • Around 1500 trucks leave Jirny on a monthly basis for hypermarkets
  • The logistics center in Jirny distributes food stuffs, non-food goods, Baumarkt, fresh food and fruits - vegetables.
  • The logistics of non-food assortments, food and Baumarkt are in uncooled warehouses, while the assortment of fresh food and fruit & vegetables is stored in temperature regimes of 4–6 and 8–0 degrees.
  • You will be presented with Honeywell Vocollect Voice Solution, a trained warehouse management solution.