24th congress EASTLOG, 23.–24. 9. 2021

Intelligent cold-chain logistics and operational automation

23. 9. 2021
14:00 – 14:20
Conference hall D8

Intelligent cold-chain logistics and operational automation

The biggest challenges in managing the supply chain with fresh fruits and vegetables are speed and quality. Therefore, the management of the so-called cold-chain logistics is currently the most sophisticated and demanding form of supply chain management. Emphasis is placed on maintaining the integrity of transported goods, as well as on increased standards in handling, storage and picking of goods.

Hortim is also aware of this and has therefore decided to raise the level of logistics management for its new refrigerated logistics platform. The company relied on digital transformation and intelligent control automation, thanks to which it was able to ensure fast, efficient and waste-free supply. In addition, the company achieves high operating performance with low consumption of corporate resources. Customer orders for the sales network with more than 1,200 stores are shipped within a few tens of minutes of receiving the order, while food can reach customers within 24 hours of collection from domestic growers.

Hortim will present an innovative agile supply project together with the supplier of an intelligent logistics automation solution, Anasoft. In addition to creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem for this new logistics platform, Anasoft also took care of automating cognitive activities in supply management and order picking.