26th congress EASTLOG, 24.–26. 5. 2023

Tour of the logistics and production of Kiekert-CS in Přelouč

13. 5. 2022
9:30 ‒ 11:30
Jaselská 593, 535 01 Přelouč

Tour of the logistics and production of Kiekert-CS in Přelouč

Kiekert is a manufacturer of car locks with a one-third share of the global market. In the Czech town of Přelouč, where almost half of the group’s 5,300 employees work, 200,000 locks are produced daily. Kiekert-CS is constantly innovating in production and logistics. This is partly due to the fact that the company does not have the required number of qualified people or to growing wage demands, but also to the fact that in a clearly defined area on the banks of the Elbe without the possibility of territorial expansion it needs to receive material, produce and store. There are a growing number of workplaces in production where the handling of parts or assembly of locks is provided by robots, of which there are already hundreds. In Přelouč, they also have their own research and development, including, for example, an acoustic chamber where one can see how the banging on the car door has various “tones”.

Their logistics is no less interesting. The heart of the warehouse is the once-expanded high-capacity miniload, in which components are stored and picked for production. The space-limited storage zone for high racks is filled with mobile racks, which increase the storage density. The supply between the warehouse and production is newly solved using two automated towing sets. A recent innovation is also the deployment of Agilox autonomous trucks, which ensure the transport of finished products and packaging within a relatively tight layout in one of the production halls. Last but not least, the elevator solution for the supply of production or the CNG filler for passenger cars and handling equipment is interesting.

The tour of the inspirational logistics and production of Kiekert will be led by the CEO of Kiekert-CS, Petr Kuchyňa, and Kiekert-CS’s warehouse manager, Michal Oravec.

Maximum capacity: 40 participants