24th congress EASTLOG, 23.–24. 9. 2021

Introductory Presentation – Exponential Technology & Man

15. 5. 2019
09:30 - 10:30

Introductory Presentation – Exponential Technology & Man

How to find out which technology will take hold and which will not? Will it be augmented reality or Bitcoin? And is Bitcoin still relevant, or is it dead? How Pokémon changed the perception of the future of Apple and Google. Will we live in a virtual reality that will be controlled by artificial intelligence? What exactly does exponential technology mean and why is it important to realize that we (humans) can think linearly but not exponentially? And how to prepare for the future, where the machines will stand by our side?

Petr will try to bring what human exponential technologies are, including examples (Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence), in how far these technologies are now in different areas (medicine, construction, automotive, finance) and, above all, how to prepare for the future in which the machines collect our work, but at the same time create jobs that we cannot imagine.