27th congress EASTLOG, May 30–31, 2024

Relive the EASTLOG 2023 congress

The 26th edition of the EASTLOG logistics and transport congress was held on May 25–26, 2023, at the O2 Universum congress center in Prague. It was attended by a record 684 people, making it the largest gathering of logistics professionals in the Czech Republic. The conference program featured 58 speakers, panelists and moderators, and the congress was supported by 63 partners.

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EASTLOG is the oldest and largest congress for logistics, transport and supply chain in the Czech Republic. It is attended by upwards of 700 logistics professionals each year, including hundreds of logistics managers from production and distribution companies (for whom entry is free of charge). It features a full-day inspiring conference program, speed-dating meetings for quick contacts, a bevy of networking opportunities and the chance to visit the top logistics platforms

The congress EASTLOG is organized by ATOZ Group, which also publishes numerous B2B magazines including the logistics magazine Systémy Logistiky and organizes many professional meetings. These synergies help to publicize the congress EASTLOG in a way that no other conference organizer can match.

What makes up the EASTLOG congress?


The EASTLOG conference program begins with a joint morning session dedicated to discussing and debating the main topic of the current year’s edition. Participants can look forward to inspiring keynote speakers, practical case studies and a panel discussion manned by the leaders of the Czech logistics industry.


The afternoon program features four specialized sections on current topics that move the world of logistics:

The section will offer insight into the industrial real estate market. How has the lack of storage space affected rents and the services offered by building owners? Will more or fewer warehouses be built? Which locations are currently the most interesting? Which branches or industries are most looking for storage space? How are warehouses changing and will they change further under the weight of the energy crisis? Is it better to build your own warehouse or rent an existing one? What are the current innovations in warehouses?

In this section, we will focus more on the limitations and threats that are faced by transport and forwarding and how to manage this situation. What to do if there are no drivers? How to respond to rising transport costs? How to optimally work with carriers? Is it better to have your own or external transport? How to transport goods through a world with more and more obstacles? Are alternative energy sources an opportunity for trucking? We will be inspired by both those who transport their own goods and those who provide solutions.

In this section, we will answer various questions that arise when considering how costly automation, robotization and digitization projects are. Does it make sense to jump into automation now? How to choose the right solution? Why return on investment might not be the main consideration? How will automation and robotization increase efficiency? And how must your companies be prepared in the field of data logistics? We will present examples of successful, inspirational projects.

In the afternoon session for HR managers from logistics and transport, we will discuss current topics in the logistics labor market. What is the effect of the war in Ukraine on the availability of employees in the field? Should we perceive an increase in unemployment negatively or positively? How will businesses withstand the pressure to increase wages due to high inflation? How do automation and digitization affect work in logistics? These topics and more will be discussed at the round table for logistics and transport HR professionals.


10-minute “speed-dating” sessions arranged at the request of the client and offered by the supplier. The entire speed-dating process is actively run by the congress organizers. It marks the ideal place for customer and supplier to meet on neutral ground in order to find out quickly whether it makes sense to develop negotiations in a more concrete form.


After a demanding day filled with the study of current logistics practices at the EASTLOG conference, participants move to a VIP meeting of logistics experts in a pleasant informal atmosphere with a special program full of games, competitions, entertainment and banquet refreshments. The presence of more than 200 logistics companies in one place represents an ideal opportunity to establish valuable business contacts.


The aim of this program is to introduce “logistics in practice” and to convey information about interesting projects directly from the managers of important logistics centers in the Czech Republic. It is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest operating systems and trends in warehousing, supply chain management and distribution on the spot.

We thank our partners
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