24th congress EASTLOG, 23.–24. 9. 2021


In 2020, the world woke up to a new day, and it wasn’t a very happy one. At times, in fact, it seemed as though it was not a new day but a very long night. The pandemic changed nearly every aspect of life. Some sectors plummeted, while others prospered, but all have faced entirely new challenges.

Now that this rough night is slowly coming to an end, we look at what the new day will bring for storage, transportation, IT, HR or investment. How will we move on from the pandemic paradigm? The new day for logistics, supply chain, trade, production or sustainability will be discussed by dozens of speakers and more than 400 logistics professionals.

The 24th edition of the Czech Republic’s premier logistics congress will be a new day for your knowledge and business contacts.


The EASTLOG congress is the largest logistics event in the Czech Republic. It covers the hot current topics in the logistics industry while at the same time giving insight into the newest trends. A key part of the congress is the networking aspect, and there are a wealth of opportunities for making new business contacts.

The goal of the event is to inspire and inform logistics professionals about what is happening in their industry while providing ample space for exchanging ideas and opinions and meeting new people.


What makes up the EASTLOG congress?


The core of the EASTLOG congress is the professional conference program featuring morning and late-afternoon joint sessions called TRENDLOG. Each session offers keynote speakers and panel discussions covering topics that relate to the entire logistics and transport industry.


The afternoon program features three specialized workshops on current topics that move the world of logistics:


The automotive industry is the bellwether for the economy, and the post-pandemic economic forecast is not rosy. What will this projected decline in demand for cars, combined with the transformation of the industry towards electromobility, mean for suppliers and automotive logistics as a whole? The AUTOLOG workshop will address these issues, along with many other logistical challenges for automotive suppliers.


The retail and FMCG industries faced tremendous challenges during the pandemic, many of which will continue long after it. The shift toward e-commerce, the consumer demand for local and sustainable products, challenges in the area of packaging and transport – these and other challenges will be discussed at the RETAILOG workshop.


The pandemic’s obvious impact on humans in the workforce only accelerated the digitalization of logistics processes. After the pandemic, this push to automate and innovate will certainly continue at full speed. The challenges related to automatization, digitalization and the use of IT in logistics will be the main topics of discussion at the DIGILOG workshop.


10-minute “speed-dating” sessions arranged at the request of the client and offered by the supplier. The entire speed-dating process is actively run by the congress organizers. It marks the ideal place for customer and supplier to meet on neutral ground in order to find out quickly whether it makes sense to develop negotiations in a more concrete form.


After a demanding day filled with the study of current logistics practices at the EASTLOG conference, participants move to a VIP meeting of logistics experts in a pleasant informal atmosphere with a special program full of games, competitions, entertainment and banquet refreshments. The presence of more than 200 logistics companies in one place represents an ideal opportunity to establish valuable business contacts.


The aim of this program is to introduce “logistics in practice” and to convey information about interesting projects directly from the managers of important logistics centers in the Czech Republic. It is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest operating systems and trends in warehousing, supply chain management and distribution on the spot.

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