28th congress EASTLOG, May 29–30, 2025


EASTLOG is the oldest and largest congress for logistics, transport and supply chain in the Czech Republic. It is attended by upwards of 700 logistics professionals each year, including hundreds of logistics managers from production and distribution companies (for whom entry is free of charge). It features a full-day inspiring conference program, speed-dating meetings for quick contacts, a bevy of networking opportunities and the chance to visit the top logistics platforms

The congress EASTLOG is organized by ATOZ Group, which also publishes numerous B2B magazines including the logistics magazine Systémy Logistiky and organizes many professional meetings. These synergies help to publicize the congress EASTLOG in a way that no other conference organizer can match.

What makes up the EASTLOG congress?


The EASTLOG conference program begins with a joint morning session dedicated to discussing and debating the main topic of the current year’s edition. Participants can look forward to inspiring keynote speakers, practical case studies and a panel discussion manned by the leaders of the Czech logistics industry.


The afternoon program features four specialized sections on current topics that move the world of logistics:

One of the afternoon blocks will focus on intra-company logistics, because it is in this area that the biggest technical and technological changes are taking place. The section will consist of a series of case studies, in which representatives of both sides of the business case will always speak. The listeners will thus get an idea of how the given innovation was implemented. The case studies will focus on topics such as automation and robotization, the digitalization of logistics processes, the reduction of energy intensity or industrial development.

While the first afternoon section will focus on intralogistics, in the second we will – to put it briefly – look at what is happening outside the company. That means the topic will be transport and supply-customer chains. Both elements are very closely related, which has been particularly evident in connection with the covid-19 pandemic, Russian aggression in Ukraine or tensions in the Middle East. This program point will again be conceived as a set of short case studies that will thematically depict areas such as transport, forwarding, supply chain or inventory management.

This year’s congress will again include the popular roundtable focused on human resources with experts on personnel issues in logistics and transport. There are many topics to be addressed and discussed: the shortage of workers, increasing personnel costs associated with the inflationary crisis, the necessity of specialization in certain professions with the simultaneous need to ensure some activities by workers with universal skills, the interplay of people and machines, a different view of young employees on their careers and perspectives companies, etc. The roundtable will be moderated, and there will be short presentations that will raise certain topics and stimulate the subsequent debates.

This program item is a new feature this year which the organizers have added to address new requirements in the area of ESG. Non-financial reporting concerns all large companies, and, in the future, it will apply to some small and medium-sized ones as well. However, the “mentality” of non-financial reporting pervades the supply-customer chains. The workshop will take the form of a roundtable around which ESG experts will sit. Brief presentations will serve to inspire ensuing discussions among the experts that are present.


10-minute “speed-dating” sessions arranged at the request of the client and offered by the supplier. The entire speed-dating process is actively run by the congress organizers. It marks the ideal place for customer and supplier to meet on neutral ground in order to find out quickly whether it makes sense to develop negotiations in a more concrete form.


After a demanding day filled with the study of current logistics practices at the EASTLOG conference, participants move to a VIP meeting of logistics experts in a pleasant informal atmosphere with a special program full of games, competitions, entertainment and banquet refreshments. The presence of more than 200 logistics companies in one place represents an ideal opportunity to establish valuable business contacts.


The aim of this program is to introduce “logistics in practice” and to convey information about interesting projects directly from the managers of important logistics centers in the Czech Republic. It is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest operating systems and trends in warehousing, supply chain management and distribution on the spot.

We thank our partners
O2 universum – the most modern conference space in Prague

Relive the EASTLOG 2024 congress

The 27th edition of the EASTLOG logistics and transport congress was held on May 30–31, 2024, at the O2 universum congress center in Prague. It was attended by a record 751 people, making it the largest gathering of logistics professionals in the Czech Republic. The conference program featured 64 speakers, panelists and moderators, and the congress was supported by 71 partners.

For all of the details of this record-setting edition, please go to the history page.

Or check out the short video recapping the 27th edition on Youtube.