27th congress EASTLOG, May 30–31, 2024

Amazon’s robotic distribution center in Kojetín

31. 5. 2024
10:00 – 12:00
Amazon BRQ2, Padlých hrdinů 1511, 752 01 Kojetín

Amazon’s robotic distribution center in Kojetín

The new Amazon distribution center in Kojetín was conceived as a multi-story industrial building from the beginning. While the total area of the hall exceeds 187,000 m², the floor plan occupies only 51,000 m². Robotic units that transport mobile racks with goods on three floors help employees with their daily tasks. The entire building is then interwoven, and individual technologies are connected using conveyors, lifts, and sorters of various types.

The center primarily prepares, packages, and ships small items such as books, electronics, and consumer goods to customers. The building is one of the most environmentally friendly industrial buildings in the country. There is a photovoltaic power plant with a peak power of four megawatt hours on the roof, the building is not connected to gas pipelines and heat pumps are installed, and most of the material from the former brownfield was recycled and used for the new construction. Panattoni, which is one of the largest developers in the Czech Republic and in the world, was in charge of the development.

The excursion will be led by Michal Šmíd, the general manager of Amazon Czech Republic.

Details of the visit:

  • Visiting time is 10:00–12:00.
  • Group of max. 30 people.
  • The group will have professional accompaniment, all in the Czech language.
  • Sports or work shoes are recommended (high-heeled or open-toed shoes are not allowed).
  • Vests will be provided by Amazon.
  • Due to the exit check, we recommend taking a minimum of equipment into the building (mobile phone, PC, headphones, etc.). All equipment must be registered upon entry.
  • Own transport, arrival no later than 10 minutes in advance
  • Address: Amazon BRQ2, Padlých hrdinů 1511, 752 01 Kojetín.
  • Map: