27th congress EASTLOG, May 30–31, 2024

BizLOG speed-dating meetings

30. 5. 2024
12:30 – 13:30
Conference hall C3

BizLOG speed-dating meetings

Why take part?

The aim of the BizLOG program is to mediate meetings between partners and participants of the EASTLOG congress. Listen briefly and without obligation to the offers of the leading suppliers of logistics and transport products or services. One meeting will take 10 minutes, and if you are interested, you can arrange a follow-up individual meeting.

Who can take part?

Only a company which is a partner of the congress can participate in the BizLOG section from the side of the supplier. However, on the other side of the negotiating table can be anyone who is interested in learning more about the offered product or service without commitment.

How to take part?

Participants can first choose whom they want to meet and when. The profiles of the companies taking part and a brief overview of their offer will be posted on the website of the congress a few weeks before the event. We will also contact all participants and ask them to set up their meetings, and we will give the partners a chance to choose participants that they want to meet. On the day of the event, you will be given your individual plan for the day. But don’t worry – even though BizLOG takes place during the lunch break, we will make sure that you have time to eat.