27th congress EASTLOG, May 30–31, 2024

HR roundtable program

HR roundtable program

This year’s congress will again include the popular roundtable focused on human resources with experts on personnel issues in logistics and transport. There are many topics to be addressed and discussed: the lack of workers and the associated attractiveness of companies on the labor market, maintaining the motivation and mental health of employees in a period when one crisis follows another, the interplay of people and machines, employee development, a different perspective of young employees on their careers, etc. The roundtable will be moderated, and there will be short presentations that will raise certain topics and stimulate the subsequent debates.

The discussion will be moderated by Roman Molek, the managing partner of TRANSEARCH International.

During the workshop, you will hear these short presentations, which will serve as a springboard for discussions in which you can actively participate:

  • Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský, labor market analyst at Alma Career (formerly LMC), will present the current situation on the labor market, including which roles are still difficult to fill or which new positions are starting to appear in the market.
  • Martin Jánský, the managing director of Randstad Czech Republic, will share information on current trends in the labor market and data from the last year of a unique global survey on the preferences and behavior of candidates when choosing an attractive employer.
  • Norbert Riethof, the director of Coaching Systems, will explain what paths lead to a healthy corporate and team environment and how stress and burnout can be prevented.
  • Gabriela Hrbáčková, the CEO of Hofmann Personal, will talk about harnessing the power of AI for more effective training.
  • Michal Harásek, the co-founder of Tymbe, will talk about how not to drive away the younger generation of workers.