28th congress EASTLOG, May 29–30, 2025

A Thousand and One Perspectives on Responsible Logistics

A Thousand and One Perspectives on Responsible Logistics

The topic Responsible Logistics is very important and at the same time very complex. It isn’t something that can be adequately covered by one presentation or even a single panel discussion. For this reason, the organizers of the congress EASTLOG have opted for an untraditional format for this year’s morning program.

After an inspiring keynote presentation by Deborah Dull, the world-renowned expert in circular supply chains, we will welcome several leaders of the local logistics industry on the stage. Each person has been chosen to “represent” one part of the broader topic of responsible logistics. He or she will present the particular part from the personal viewpoint of the speaker or the view of his or her company. After each presentation, a short but engaging discussion will take place among all the panelists before moving on to the next part. And of course, there will be the opportunity for questions and comments from the general audience as well.

Who have been tapped to represent the individual parts of responsible logistics?

  • Responsible supply chain and procurement will be covered by Marek Prach, regional head of supply chain operations at Asahi Europe & International.
  • Responsible relations with municipalities, cities and fellow citizens will be discussed by Radka Vladyková, executive director of the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the CR.
  • Responsible employment will be represented by Gabriela Hrbáčková, the CEO of Hofmann Personal.
  • Responsible development will be represented by Tomáš Kubín, head of construction CEE & WE at the company P3 Logistic Parks.
  • Responsible distribution will be covered by Roman Kmec, logistics manager of Lidl Czech Republic.
  • Responsible implementation of technology will be discussed by Michal Šmíd, general manager of Amazon Czech Republic.
  • The responsibility of logistics vis-à-vis other parts of the company will be covered by Martin Štrupl, the managing partner of eD Group.

The debate will be moderated by Stanislav Břeň, the editor-in-chief of the magazine Systémy Logistiky.