27th congress EASTLOG, May 30–31, 2024

A Thousand and One Perspectives on Responsible Logistics

30. 5. 2024
10:30 – 12:15
Conference hall C1

A Thousand and One Perspectives on Responsible Logistics

During the main morning block, which is entitled A Thousand and One Perspectives on Responsible Logistics, the audience will hear 5 to 7 presentations lasting several minutes that will express different concepts of responsibility in logistics. They will likely be focused on

  • the construction, renovation, maintenance, and operation of warehouses,
  • the introduction of means of transport that do not primarily use fossil fuels,
  • the optimization of the supply chain, distribution, and transport as a whole (more thorough planning or exploitation of technology and other resources),
  • automation or robotization projects with the aim of making difficult work easier for people or creating an inclusive environment for smooth cooperation between people and machines,
  • responsible financing based on ESG principles and respecting CSRD,
  • the elimination of waste material,
  • responsible employment,
  • the relationship of logistics to other departments in the company, management, or commitments to company goals or
  • the responsibility of logistics to other stakeholders, such as municipalities, trade unions, or local communities.

During this block, participants can ask any questions about the demonstrable benefits of the given projects, their implementation, financial and technical demands, or the attainability of the ideal – Responsible Logistics.